Why does the idea of Freedom and Liberty continue to fail?

Perhaps because they’ve become soulless, cardboard characterizations of themselves?

Being in marketing and communications myself, I’m aware that it’s important to position an idea in the scheme of things. This is a critical part of the idea becoming distinguishable, so it is able to be recognized from all else, and so differentiation is a primary objective, whether an idea or a product.

So let’s have a look at this idea called Freedom and Liberty.

I would contend, that most who “believe” in Freedom and Liberty, do not even understand where the idea comes from themselves. The lack of depth of that understanding was plainly self evident at the 2016 Libertarian Party National Presidential Convention.

If one were new to considering Freedom and Liberty, and then had taken a look at this forum and these candidates, it would have scared the pants off of them.

As well meaning as the candidates may have been, collectively, “sound and stable” generally was not on display, and the depth of answers were largely shallow and emotional, and no more then shouted statements of “belief”.

Or, even come to this forum in liberty’s name, to find many promoting no borders, no laws, and anarchy and chaos…and then how beautiful it is…might be somewhat “scary” to the outside world.

Of we have another group of people over here, running around in 1800 colonial wear with muskets and white wigs.

I myself can make sense of all this for sure, but I’m on the inside. To the outside audience looking in, who we are all trying to persuade toward the virtues of freedom and liberty to build consensus…no so much.

Only to wonder why Freedom and Liberty cannot get off the ground today? Over the last few elections, it’s obvious we are losing the idea of this idea. Its favor gets overcome by even the most shallow counter arguments.

Why does it not have energy, and not continually regenerate itself every day, week, month…year, to stay vibrant, alive by itself…with the benefits self evident and obvious?

What is so hard to grasp about Freedom and Liberty?

I would contend, every time Freedom and Liberty is lost, it’s because wisdom has been lost; that Freedom and Liberty are far more than an opinion, or feeling or belief or a campaign slogan.

I would contend it is the essence of something true.

That is the idea of Freedom and Liberty.

Or at least it was.

Have you noticed, there is no wisdom any more?

It has been virtually erased from popular culture. The best we have is a short little saying on an occasional Facebook post.

Why is there not a class on wisdom in every high school, but then, why is there no class on money in every high school? Perhaps the reason is the same?

Where has all the wisdom gone? Is it even seeked anymore?

Have you even considered your own feelings on wisdom? Do you seek it? Consider it unreachable? Perhaps nonsense? Irrelevant?

Or perhaps you believe we each have found our own wisdom now, but then, that would not be wisdom we have found, would it?

Which perhaps explains why there was no wisdom offered for consensus at the 2016 Libertarian Party National Presidential Convention, defining and encapsulating the soul of Freedom and Liberty, and the reason for holding high Freedom and Liberty. Asked only if one believed this thing over that thing, as if all these things are separate.

That is the very lack of wisdom.

But then, what is wisdom?

From Wikipedia: Aristotle, in his Metaphysics, defined wisdom as the understanding of causes, i.e. knowing why things are a certain way, which is deeper than merely knowing that things are a certain way.

Which is to ask, with all the scientific knowledge mankind has collected to this point, why they have neither found, collected nor derived any wisdom? There is even less now than before. Should we not have more? Should wisdom not be growing more profound with growing knowledge?

Which begs the question, is there any wisdom to be found, and if so, where would it be found?

Would it not be found in the knowledge of the things we have been taking apart, derived by logic and reason of how and why they are, to find commonality in the nature of all things, not just one thing? Are there not fundamental lessons in the “nature of nature” to be learned?

Perhaps we’ve been taught to not think critically of such things, that wisdom is silly, or that these things are far too complicated to know, or perhaps that there is no wisdom to know?

To suggest there is no wisdom, is to suggest that nothing is absolute, that nothing is constant and true to be found over time, or even if there was, to suggest it would be impossible to be derived, and so what is left, but to rely only on one’s feelings and beliefs, at any one moment, to determine our collective futures by popularity and majority “rule” the next moment?

So, what is your feeling on “fairness” today?

Convenient, no?

And there is your differentiation

Wisdom has been lost, because critical thinking has been lost, and some would say this is not by accident.

But what else has been lost, even from ourselves, is the full awareness that we have wisdom on our side, and we don’t even know it, because we are so far in the weeds with knowledge, beliefs and emotion, that we have lost the greater wisdom ourselves.

So much so, that the old worn out terms Freedom and Liberty have become empty and soulless to most, that has become a worn out slogan equal any other and argued with no more depth than personal preference.

Yes, there are events here or there that we may use to justify our feelings on the reason for Freedom and Liberty, but they are in a thousand separate pieces.

To rediscover the wisdom that has led to Freedom and Liberty, is not to rediscover it for Freedom and Liberty’s sake, but to rediscover profoundly again, what is able to come from it, that cannot come from any other way.

It’s to rediscover the why, that is the single reason behind the thousand separate pieces, that is already the reason for the thousand more still to come.

That is the very reason to hold Freedom and Liberty higher then all else.

But we are continually thrown off track by others, with a thousand distractions, that is not without intention, and have become lost in our own heads, with feelings and beliefs about this thing or that, self evident again at 2016 Libertarian Party National Presidential Convention.

We have lost the soul of Freedom and Liberty.

We have lost that Freedom and Liberty is not derived from the world inside our heads, by feeling and believing, but derived by observation, and logic and reason, of the natural way of things outside our heads, from nature and the natural world itself.

It’s lost, that all we know or pretend to know, and even our own logic and reason, comes from observation of the logic and reason, made self evident by cause and effect in physical nature.

It’s to know that the idea of Freedom and Liberty is derived from human nature’s understanding of nature itself.

That Freedom and Liberty is the intellectual extension of the natural way of things, that holds full respect for nature and nature’s law, and all that comes from it, without human interference.

That nature has lead us to Freedom and Liberty, and full respect for individual human nature, who has derived by logic and reason, human nature’s inherent “natural right” to think and act in nature, in the most natural state of nature, that is “free” to think and act in nature, toward nature’s own success.

That one’s own natural body as one’s own sovereign property, and the fruit of one’s own actions is his own earned property, and all the rest, is all derived from the nature of things, not by the whim of another man.

This is the soul of Freedom and Liberty, that upholds the natural way of nature, now to nature’s grandest intellectual level.

To put the human condition in this natural state of Freedom and Liberty, is the very reason for what naturally comes from it, that cannot come from another way; that is nature’s own consequence of creation, physical abundance, individual mental health and ability to act correctly in nature toward our benefit, brotherhood, morality, and all the rest, self evident in human history, has been to the credit and to the exact degree Freedom and Liberty has been held.

But some still have not fully grasped the reason why, and so who struggle with the idea why, who are still easily lost in their own heads, believing what they are believing, as if the world only revolves around what they believe, while losing the idea of this idea, that does not come from feelings and belief.

That has been the reason Freedom and Liberty has been so easy to lose.

To come to know the soul of Freedom and Liberty, is to not miss the idea it is holding up, that is nature and the natural way of things, that does not change with time or opinion.

This is an idea that is more than an idea.

It’s an idea that is “true”.

It’s to come to know and make claim, not over another, but “…to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…[that] we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This is not only wisdom lost, but an argument lost.

To consider now, that it is not by accident that others have made the idea of Freedom and Liberty, to be just another man made invention, equal to any other idea on the shelf of ideas we are arguing against, to see that we have already lost nine tenths of our argument.

That if we found again the wisdom that is on our side, we would be able to argue the clear message; there is Freedom and Liberty and the natural way of things; and then there is everything else.

To simply point out, and to distinguish and make profoundly self evident, that Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Nationalism and all the rest, by any name, are all man made inventions.

To not miss the blatant difference, that everything else that is a man made invention, requires the use of force and coercion against another.

To perhaps make profoundly clear, if we have found the wisdom that is on our side, and understand it ourselves, and have marketed it correctly, to point out, that all else…is a bet against nature.

And then, to consider the human history on that bet.

That is an opportunity to hold high the wisdom for the future that does not change with time, so it is hopefully never repeated again, the very reason for human history’s repeated failure and decline.

That it is not by human miscalculation, only to try again.

That there is only one reason human nature fails to reach its higher potential, and that is when we act against the success of human nature, who already, by nature, freely and inherently acts toward his own success, who freely acts together with others toward their own mutual success, that is by all reason toward the success of human nature.

To plainly point out, the only reason for physical force, is the man made invention, in that it is required to work against another who has reasoned it is not to their success, who is forced to act toward his own failure by another. That even with good intention, cannot overcome the physical consequence, that is the eventual failure of human nature.

To reconsider that bet again.

To find the wisdom, that physical force and the consequence of decline and corruption are synonymous throughout human history, both physically and morally, is not by coincidence, or by miscalculation.

But rather by absolute calculation.

That we have yet to discover, that physical force against another, is the reason behind a thousand reasons, that is behind a thousand more, for human failure and corruption, both inside and out.

That in the end, an act of force against human nature, is an act of force against nature, that is an act against life itself, that is an act that will not succeed, by simple mathematical reason, that is economics.

That greater force will only meet greater resistance, that will only result in greater decline.

Which is a physical condition, not a human belief condition, from which there is no escape, no matter the invention or one’s feelings or belief.

To find the soul of Freedom and Liberty, is to have found the soul for nature’s success.

That is only attainable and sustainable, by the natural physical condition of being free to act toward success in the smallest circumstance.

The greater the freedom the greater the success.

It’s a physical reality.



(Original painting credit: signature indistinguishable and so unknown at this time)